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Luxury River Cruises

River cruises are a different and leisurely way to see parts of the world not accessible by ocean cruise lines. They offer two main advantages ~ first you sail through a country instead of around it, and second, the ships are like boutique hotels instead of enormous ocean liners. You will find that these ships are small in the number of occupants, but not space. You will enjoy spacious interiors and large staterooms that enable you to see the countryside up-close.

Ancient cities were built facing the river, their gateway to trade and link to other cities and nations. River ships often dock right in the city center, delivering you to the historic entrance! You can then disembark and explore on your own or with a guide.

River cruises, in general, are more inclusive than many ocean liners, including shore excursions and wine and beer at lunch and dinner. And river cruises don’t skimp on the finer things that making cruising such a popular way to travel. Many river cruise lines offer cuisine, decor and service that rival the luxury cruise ships.

Let us help you sail the rivers of Europe, Asia, Egypt, and the Americas!